#tic { /* enter any styles for the ticker below */ border: .05em #CEC3AD solid; font-size:0.85em; padding:10px; width:400px; line-height:20px; } #tic * { /* this will hide all children tags */ font-size: 1em; margin:0px; padding:0px; display:none; } #tic a { /* add more tags to this list if you wish to display them inside the children */ display:inline; } /* This script and many more are available free online at The JavaScript Source :: http://javascript.internet.com Created by: James Crooke :: http://www.cj-design.com */ var list; // global list variable cache var tickerObj; // global tickerObj cache var hex = 255; function fadeText(divId) { if(tickerObj) { if(hex>0) { hex-=5; // increase color darkness tickerObj.style.color="rgb("+hex+","+hex+","+hex+")"; setTimeout("fadeText('" + divId + "')", fadeSpeed); } else hex=255; //reset hex value } } function initialiseList(divId) { tickerObj = document.getElementById(divId); if(!tickerObj) reportError("Could not find a div element with id \"" + divId + "\""); list = tickerObj.childNodes; if(list.length <= 0) reportError("The div element \"" + divId + "\" does not have any children"); for (var i=0; i 0) list[count-1].style.display = "none"; else list[list.length-1].style.display = "none"; count++; if(count == list.length) count = 0; window.setTimeout("run('" + divId + "', " + count+ ")", interval*1000); } function reportError(error) { alert("The script could not run because you have errors:\n\n" + error); return false; } var interval = 7; // interval in seconds var fadeSpeed = 40; // fade speed, the lower the speed the faster the fade. 40 is normal.

Welcome to The JavaScript Source ...

The JavaScript Source is a part of Jupitermedia, in the Web Developer channel of the internet.com network.

All the scripts on this site are free for personal or business use.

The only requirement is that you leave the credit information inside the script.


JavaScript programs are contained within the HTML code of the Web page and are interpreted by the browser as it's read.

JavaScript provides greater flexibility through such luxuries as being able to create windows, display moving text, sound or other multimedia elements with relative ease.

Some Basics

JavaScript is not Java; it is an object-based scripting language; and it is cross-platform.

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